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Surfing is a deeply rooted sport on the island of Tenerife thanks to the quality of the waves that continuously break against its shores, as well as the pleasant climate and its clean waters. Because Tenerife benefits from the swells produced by the Atlantic Ocean along with the volcanic steps and reefs leading up to the island's very shores, Tenerife is a unique destination for the European surfing community. The cherry on top of the surfing sundae comes in the form of the so-called "Canary cold-stream," which has not only a milding effect on the local climate but also provides refreshing moderate to strong trade winds. These year-round winds which pick up during summer - Tenerife's peak surfing and wind surfing season and are a surfer or wind surfer's dream!

Tenerife is the place where you can practise "cutbacks," "floaters" and "tube riding" in winter and in summer, at the various surfing spots in the north and south of the island.





Whether you're a veritable wave-busting phenomenon or an interested surfer-in-training, Tenerife's unbeatable surfing conditions make the island ideal for challenge-seekers of all levels. There are surfing and wind surfing havens along the entire Tenerife coastline- so grab your board and hit the waves!

Your here to surf not to shop!  So to help you even further to enjoy your stay on this beautiful island let us take the stress out of your shopping by doing it for you. Shop on line with before you arrive on the island and arrange to have it delivered to your door when you arrive.  

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